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(Credit: Phil King)

Johnny Marr commnets on rumours of The Smiths reunion with right-wing Morrissey jibe


Yesterday saw a swell of rumours arise that one of rock and roll’s most requested reunions may, in fact, be on the way as whispers of The Smiths reunion for next year began to swirl. But that was quickly put to the sword by guitarist Johnny Marr with a hilarious dig at his former frontman Morrissey.

The hints at a reunion quickly made their way around social media last night as big claims were made that Live Nation, a leading light of music entertainment, had begun “plotting dates and venues” for a huge 2020 reunion tour for The Smiths.

One smart Alec took to social media to pose the question directly to one of the founding members of the band, Johnny Marr. It did all seem very hopeful right up until Marr shot the rumour down with a right-wing jibe at Morrissey.

Nick Tudor posted the rumour on Twitter and asked Marr, “Ere @Johnny_Marr is this crap mate? Need to know pretty sharpish so I can get a loan and sell everything I own to go to every date! Cheers bud”. Marr returned with a hilarious comment simply saying “Nigel Farage on guitar” a clear and obvious dig at Morrissey’s continued far-right allegiances.

Morrissey has been upsetting former friends and contemporaries with his continued support of far-right political group For Britain. The singer has been grabbing a lot of headlines with his politically charged comments.

Marr’s comments on Farage are likely a hint at this rhetoric and Morrissey’s previous claim that the staunchly anti-immigration former minister, once saying he would be the best Prime Minister for the UK.