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A new film about the iconic Manchester band The Smiths is in the works

A brand new drama film focusing on iconic Manchester indie band The Smiths is in the works.

The film, given the working title Shoplifters of the World, will be a picture inspired by true events and star the likes of Joe Manganiello, Ellar Coltrane, Helena Howard and Elena Kampouris.

The story, written and directed by Stephen Kijak, is set to focus around four friends living within the 1980s and, as we all know, later become devastated about the sudden split of the band.

“With Shoplifters of the World, Stephen Kijak brilliantly transports us right back to the 1980s with the amazing look of the film and the unbelievable soundtrack,” said Mark Ward, chief acquisitions officer for RLJE Films.

He added: “We are incredibly excited to bring this story and these great performances to U.S. audiences in 2021.”

The film name is a direct reference to ‘Shoplifters of the World Unite’, a now-famous track released by the band in 1987 after being penned by the band’s principle songwriters Johnny Marr and Morrissey. “[It does] not literally mean picking up a loaf of bread or a watch and sticking it in your coat pocket,” the former lead singer fo the band once commenter. “It’s more or less spiritual shoplifting, cultural shoplifting, taking things and using them to your own advantage,” he added.

The Smiths, who famously formed their group in 1982 with Morrissey, Marr, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, went on to achieve a meteoric rise to fame and critical acclaim in just the five short years they were together. With just four studio albums to their name, The Smiths managed to achieve a legacy in a remarkably brief spell at the top but, in the years that followed their split, the fall out has almost earned as much publicity as the music—most of which is likely to feature in the upcoming cinematic picture.