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Credit: The Simpsons / Fox

'The Simpsons' has recreated Queen's epic performance at Live Aid for upcoming episode

Queen’s Brian May has shared on his social media channels that Matt Groening’s ‘The Simpsons’ will immortalise the iconic performance at Wembley Stadium for 1985’s Live Aid concert. It’s naturally the perfect hangover cure.

The hit show has been a mainstay of the television airwaves almost since the band’s now-legendary performance at the benefit gig to fight famine in Africa. It’s not the first time rock acts have found their way onto the show and it won’t be the last. And now, the historic performance will now be put through the yellow filter as Homer dons a moustache to recreate the moment.

This weekend’s episode ‘Go Big or Go Home’ will see the second of the show’s 31st season take America’s favourite family down into the annals of music history and pay homage to one Freddie Mercury. In a brand new still from the show, we see Homer dressed as Mercury while standing on the famous stage at Wembley with that wonderful white vest and blue jean combo.

The performance is a mainstay of the band’s legend status and featured as a central moment of the recent biopic Bohemian Rhapsody which put Rami Malek in the mercurial role of Freddie. Queen guitarist Brian May posted the image to his Facebook page last night. We’re yet to have any further plot details on the upcoming episode but we wait with bated breath.

Last night we shared the brand new video from Freddie’s solo hit ‘Living On My Own’ which was banned in the eighties. The video was almost instantly censored due to its “perceived promiscuity”, something which we imagine amused Mercury no-end.

The video centres on Mercury’s famous 39th birthday party which not only included the star himself, owning the room as he does, but also saw cameos for a host of invitees. Over 300 guests arrived to celebrate with Mercury including Steve Strange, Boy George, and his love Mary Austin.