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(Credit: Nikki Fenix)


The Shins have shared 'Dead Alive (Flipped)'


The Shins have released a brand new track for us all to sink our teeth in to. The new track titled ‘Dead Alive (Flipped)’ is part of the upcoming album The Worm’s Heart and sees the band back in fine form.

Out on January 16th the album is a reworking of their 2017 LP Heartworms and sees James Mercer and Co rework all the tracks on the album. It’s a fine feat which has seen some brilliant results on recent releases ‘Name For You’ and ‘Cherry Hearts’.

As you might expect, the track is a beautifully and delicately remodeled version of ‘Dead Alive’ and sees some notable changes feel organic and warranted. Another neat trick to remind you that The Shins are, and always will be, all about the music.

Take a listen below.