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(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Jack Nicholson’s axe from Stanley Kubrick film 'The Shining' sold for £170,000 at auction

The axe used by Jack Nicholson to chop down a door of the Overlook Hotel as part of the iconic scene in Stanley Kubrick film The Shining has been sold at auction for £170,000.

The final sale price has amounted in four times the original prediction following a bidding war for the item which was being sold as part of the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, held at London’s British Film Institute on Tuesday.

“Jack Torrance’s (Jack Nicholson) hero axe from Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror The Shining,” the item desciption begins. “Jack used his axe throughout the film’s terrifying climax as he hunted his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall), despatched Hallorann (Scatman Crothers) and memorably pursue his son Danny (Danny Lloyd) through the Overlook Hotel’s maze, before freezing to death while still clutching the axe.”

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The auction house continued: “The axe, a true icon of horror cinema, is a custom made fire axe, that needed to be practical for the shots in which Jack broke down the apartment door and then the bathroom door in pursuit of Danny and Wendy.

“This axe was purchased by a crew member at a sale of the movie’s assets at the end of filming, along with other props, costumes and set decoration. It was specifically selected as the crew member involved needed an axe to chop wood at home. Fortunately, the axe was never used for this purpose, and has been kept safely for decades. It remains in excellent condition, with a few Knicks and scratches from use on Kubrick’s notoriously long shooting days.”

The guide price was initially set out between £40,000 – £60,000 before eventually being sold for an eye-watering £172,200.

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