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The Shine Brothers - So Many People


All that Wednesday is really useful for is reminding you that you’re only halfway through the
painstaking, miserable drudge towards Friday. So at Far Out Magazine, we say why not just get into the weekend spirit now with our track of the day? Nobody will mind, apart from your boss perhaps, but he / she is probably a tool – so it’s fine.

Today’s quite triumphant track of the day comes from the ever enjoyable Burger Records, in the form of LA garage rock outfit the Shine Brothers. Marching proudly to the same chaotic beat as the Primal Screams of this world, ‘So Many People’ punches its way through 3 explosive minutes of marauding psychedelia.

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It’s like a series of musical shoves; the siren-esque melody shoving you one way and the
crash cymbal heavy drums shoving you another. There’s little time to catch a breath before the unnerving, piercing rasp of vocals make themselves heard, lingering through your ears and into your brain like a sudden moment of brain freeze. This is capped off with fitting lyrics like “Paranoia, it’s creeping up my spine” – as you crumble into a little pile of eery, yet delightful confusion.

The relentless synth and riffs are an excellent foundation for the lead guitar, which howls
and shrills over the top like a wild beast, complementing perfectly the frantic feel of the whole track. And that is as much as you need to know before listening to ‘So Many People;’ The Shine Brothers spare no moments for messing around, cramming as much ballistic rigour as they can into the 3 minutes they have to offer.

‘Enjoy the ride’ cries the vocals in the chorus, so fuck Wednesday! You enjoy that ride; run
with scissors, start a cult, do whatever you like. Our track of the day is the perfect starting

Ryan McMurtry