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The Shakamoto Investigation have a deranged dance party with 'Half Time Draw'

The Shakamoto Investigation - 'Half Time Draw'

If you’re like me, then sometimes you just need to cut loose. You need to remove all of the rules and borders that usually help streamline your music tastes and let things slide a little. Well, if this is the case, and you’re in need of a brand new band to shake it up and you out of the doldrums of modernity, then we have just the thing, The Shakamoto Investigation and their brand new single ‘Half Time Draw’ is our track of the day.

In the midst of a pandemic and the faltering leadership of just about every country in the world, it is easy to find yourself moseying towards the darker side of music with a melancholic skip in your step. It seems a natural fit for the world’s mood so why fight it, right? Wrong. Well, half wrong. While a good old wallow is all fine, sometimes you need to kick start your day and remember that outside of this oppressive bubble we’re all confined to is a world with chutzpah, a world with verve with grooves with off-the-wall punk craziness. Simply put, there’s a world out there that includes The Shakamoto Investigation.

Coming out of Yorkshire, there’s a tendency for bands to follow a few well-trodden paths. Firstly, you could take the arthouse route, something is well worn by acts like Pulp, Wild Beasts plus plenty more. The second route is to make your music with a double dose of ‘heavy’. The Shakamoto Investigation have taken both ideas and thrown them into a crucible alongside some other deranged ingredients to create a brand of grooving punk that feels both alien and weirdly comforting.

If you’re hoping for something refined or cultivated then you need to move along. The Shakamoto International are a band who, as well as going at 100 mph, are not interested in even feathering the brakes. Instead, they have released ‘Half Time Draw’ fully-charged and raring to go. It comes as the first taste of the new album Existential Bread which arrives on December 4th from Easy Records.

On this single, and the album to follow, the band have taken their ’80s influences and mashed them up with salt, sugar, a big dollop of hardcore and a frightening garnish of weirdo wackiness. To describe the band in one sentence is easy, The Shakamoto International are the room at the house party which everyone avoids despite the frolics and laughter that is emanating from it until you crack open the door and find three guys wearing horse masks and making music with washing baskets, discarded underwear and their own faces. A weird but thrilling ride.

Of course, there’s room for improvement. The band, having formed in 2017, haven’t quite got to grips with what their sound truly is — the idea of being indefinable may be the goal. But what they do know is how to have a laugh. That’s what we’re given in this new song and what we expect from the new record, a damn good time.

So, if you were looking for some deranged party-time groove-filled punk which is loosely connected to football as a way to brighten your day, then I have got you covered. Below you can watch the video for The Shakamoto Investigation’s ‘Half Time Draw’.