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The score for 'Solo' has been disqualified from the 2019 Oscars

The score for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been disqualified from the 2019 Oscars running. 

It has been revealed that an administrative error led to this ‘space western’ film was not submitted for consideration in time.

Over 150 different scores are being considered for the coveted five nomination slots that are available in the category of ‘Music (Original Score)’. Last year, Alexandre Desplat claimed the award for his work with The Shape of Water. 

The film, based on the Star Wars character Han Solo, was directed by Ron Howard, produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is the second Star Wars anthology film following Rogue One which was released in 2016. 

John Powell, the man who created the score for Solo: A Star Wars Story, is the unfortunate person in the whole mess. His soundtrack, which he began writing the music in late 2017 after finishing his work on Ferdinand, saw him combine two original pieces of music and combined it with the original Han Solo theme. 

Other scores that failed to make the cut are MandyGreen Book and The Other Side of the Wind.