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The Rhythm Method, Wolf Alice and Swim Deep create England World Cup song


It’s finally happened, we’re in, fuck it… We’ve found an England World Cup song that we actually like.

London duo The Rhythm Method have teamed up with members of Wolf Alice and Swim Deep to record ‘Chin Up’, a song dedicated persuading England to keep positive ahead of their summer in Russia.

“After years of being told we should, we finally made a world cup song. ‘Chin Up’ is the result,” the band said. “We wanted to make it bold, funny, energetic and all the other things we don’t hear enough of in current music. With the England football team (and in English life in general) we can never decide if the glass is half full or half empty. We wanted to write a song with a message of cheerful realism: chin up, there’s all to play for!'”

Rhythm Method have recruited Theo Ellis and Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice and picked up Austin Williams from Swim Deep.

This is the result.. shame there’s no John Barnes rap, however: