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The Red Cords use ‘Vile Guy’ to tear us a new one


Entrenched in Garage rock Falmouth boys The Red Cords are painted with punk strokes and that resonates no more clearly than when ‘Vile Guy’ bursts out your speakers. For that reason it has to be Wednesday’s Track of the Day. Fuck you Wednesday.

The band are timeless in their approach. Simply put, it is about the spirit of the sound not the craft of how you get there and with that said ‘Vile Guy’ attacks a scourge of the modern age with adept analogue skill.

Tackling the lack of human contact people have with each other in modern society, excelled by the fact they spend most of their time with pixels in their eyes, the band astutely address a social problem with fury and fun, smashing guitar chords over the rhythm like a pisshead dropping his pint.

‘Vile Guy’ hits all the right notes and hits them hard like a smoked out pneumatic drill from a Pixar film, pulsating and furious, slightly unpredictable but incredibly loveable.