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The Red Cords - Punk Eye


It’s a dreary Wednesday and another one of those days were your own existence is brought tumultuously into question on the dream resistant conveyor belt we call the ‘Western world’; checkout beeps turn from an anguished necessity to an evil truth and the ever so slightly bearable office environment becomes an intolerable abyss, lecture halls morph into cauldrons of anxiety and whatever mode of public transport that takes us to these god awful means of survival spark emotions that, if revealed to your average fellow serf, would strip the gold from their foolishly overpriced watches.

Yes, if your finding that it’s one of those days where a large glass and a generous portioned roll of something is needed then by all means proceed to wind down, but if you’re unfortunate enough to have none of these mellow mood inducers at your convenience then ingest ‘Punk Eye’ by the Red Cords, it may get messy, but the stress will dissolve to the exact same affect.

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Another storming artist on the PNKSLM label, the Red Cords have only recently released their eponymous debut LP in which our Track of the Day is taken from though, admirably, you wouldn’t have guessed it judging from their wickedly simple, stripped back yet seamlessly accomplished sound.

In all honesty today’s selection could’ve been any from the Falmouth three’s inaugural record but I picked this one (Punk Eye) for a few of its delightful quirks, such as an intro that sounds like a Louis Armstrong solo being played through a melting gramophone. Of course, we could highlight other triumphs, like the cascading punk riffs and prevailing drums or, even, the USA garage rock feel that creeps over the recording like mischievous musical ivy.

I got to hand it to these guys though, in the time it has taken me to write this review and for the Red Cord’s LP to play through I’d totally forgot how shit the mundane, regimental routine of life as economic fodder can be…

Joshua Hevicon

I’m sure the lads won’t mind us providing a link to their full EP here