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(Credit: Rough Trade)


The Raincoats’ self-titled debut album gets 40th anniversary vinyl reissue

The Raincoats, the iconic British post-punk band formed in 1977, are taking a trip down memory lane with a special vinyl reissue of their debut self-titled album to marks its 40th anniversary.

The experimental album, a collection of songs Kurt Cobain named as in his top 50 albums of all time, was released in 1979 through Rough Trade Records as the band struggled for work and lived in numerous different squats across London.

The record’s standout moment, an off-kilter cover version of The Kinks song ‘Lola’, spearheaded its popularity marked a pioneering moment when British post-punk as a new genre swept over. Vivien Goldman, punk historian, once wrote that the album arrived “At the time, when the pioneers began, there was an empowered feeling in the air.”

The band, one of the first major all-female punk groups, brought together  Ana Da Silva, Gina Birch, Palmolive and Vicky Aspinall after they were inspired by a performance by the Slits: “It was as if suddenly I was given permission,” the band once said. “It never occurred to me that I could be in a band. Girls didn’t do that. But when I saw the Slits doing it, I thought, ‘This is me. This is mine.’”

Due out for reissue in October, you can click here for more information and listen below.

The Raincoats Tracklist:

1. ‘No Side To Fall In’
2. ‘Adventures Close To Home #1’
3. ‘Off Duty Trip’
4. ‘Black And White’
5. ‘Lola’
6. ‘The Void’
7. ‘Life On The Line’
8. ‘You’re A Million’
9. ‘In Love’
10. ‘No Looking’