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The Proper Ornaments announce second album news with new single 'Memories'

The Proper Ornaments have announced the release of their second album Foxhole, set to be released through Tough Love Records in January, 2017.

The band, a project of James Hoare known for Ultimate Painting and TOY’s Max Oscarnold, have shared the first offering from the forthcoming record with new single ‘Memories’, which takes Far Out’s Track of the Day slot.

Hoare and Oscarnold started out writing Foxhole, the follow-up to the bands 2014 released debut album ‘Wooden Head’, in January 2015. On the record, they’ve sliced away a whole stratum of their sound, removing some distortion and lowering the frequency of plectrum strokes to allow more nuanced, piano-led ideas to emerge.

The title isn’t a reference to Television’s jaunty proto-punk record but seems to be more of a dark, protective interior, a head space sketched out on ‘Jeremy’s Song’.

While their particularly recognisable production style remains, three things stand out as likely reasons for the shift in mood. By the time they got around to recording again in Hoare’s bedroom in Finsbury Park that Summer, the instability around the recording of ‘Wooden Head’ had slid into a deep and seething acrimony, their presser reads.

With Daniel Nellis and Bobby Syme joining on bass and drums, the band went to record at Tin Room in Hackney in June, the pinch wheel on the 8 track machine was broken and somehow no one noticed.

“We ended up doing the whole thing there as the atmosphere suited the direction of the foxhole and we were more comfortable working on it in our own time,” says Hoare.

“We wanted to move in a slightly different direction from ‘Wooden Head’, away from the distorted guitars and into a more peaceful area.”

“That’s why the record has a laid back, conversational, not imposing or anxious feel in my opinion,” Oscarnold added.

“There’s also the technical limitation of doing it on an 8 track which gives the songs a sparser sound.”

1. Back Pages 2
2. Cremated (Blown Away)
3. Memories
4. Just a Dream
5. 1969
6. The Frozen Stare
7. Jeremy’s Song
8. When We Were Young
9. Bridge By a Tunnel
10. I Know You Know
11. The Devils