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The portrayal of Cleopatra in the rumoured upcoming 2019 film and beyond

Throughout the years, Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, has been central to the focuses of many developers across a wide array of different industries. Her historical significance has never been in question and the contemporary portrayals of the iconic figure in the film sector are one of the reasons for her ever-growing popularity.

As a result of that fact, we’re going to look at the character’s popularity across various industries, while also analysing the portrayal of Cleopatra in the rumoured 2019 film and seeing how that compares to previous movies and video games.

Influence on Pop Culture and Video Games

Aside from the film industry, the character’s significance has also influenced many areas of popular culture, with video games being the most noticeable sector. Throughout the Assassin’s Creed series, Cleopatra has featured in titles including Origins, while also being mentioned in the some of the franchise’s other releases such as Revelations and The Hidden Ones expansion pack. Furthermore, the iconic figure is also included in several games within the Sid Meier’s Civilisation franchise. In terms of how she has been cast, modern-day releases have sought to couple Cleopatra’s promiscuous side with her leadership abilities in seeking to create a character who is more contemporary than just an intelligent political operator.

Alongside traditional console titles, many online casino platforms have focused on the increasing popularity and involvement of Cleopatra. Across many sites, ancient Egyptian themed slot games which have the character at the very forefront are becoming more prevalent. As a result of that, greater numbers of platforms are now offering casino welcome bonuses such as free and no deposit spins on some of the best video slots of 2019.

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The Rumoured Release

Over the last few years, the desire for a new Cleopatra film has constantly been in demand. Her legacy as the intelligent ruler of Egypt for almost 30 years made this figure an icon, so it’s hardly surprising that finding the perfect person to play the role is a rather tricky task. The wait for a new release has resulted in heightened intrigue and the same can be said for the rumours regarding who may be cast to play the lead role

Much like in older portrayals of the character, her relevance in each title often reflects wider social issues of the time. In recent months, Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga have both been rumoured to be taking on the role, but many believe that any future casting could opt to take a new route. Contrary to common belief and existing portrayals of Cleopatra being of Greek descent, historians believe that Cleopatra’s mother may have been African and that has been met with some suggestions that, in any upcoming films, the character should be played by a woman of colour.

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Previous Movie Portrayals

There can be no doubts over the fact that the portrayal of Cleopatra has continuously changed as time has gone by. With society constantly evolving and developing, the role of the historic figure has constantly adapted to reflect those wider changes. The 1963 film, which was the most expensive of its time, looked to portray the character differently to how she is often played today. Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra stood to represent an important period of female empowerment, with the 1960s being vital to women’s political movement. Due to the social outlook at the time, Taylor’s Cleopatra was focused around great intellect and the concept that this could be used to bridge the existing inequality.

While the implementation of love was often at the heart of many of the actress’ portrayals, the way that has been utilised has changed drastically since the 1960s release where it was mostly a political tool formed through emotion. Later productions instead depict the character using her sexuality as a weapon. This aspect of the character demonstrates how the role has constantly adapted. During a period where demands for female equality were strong, the portrayal of Cleopatra looked to intertwine love with underlying political desires.

The Character of Cleopatra will Continue to Evolve

It’s undeniable that Cleopatra’s influence has reached many aspects of the entertainment and gaming sector, with each taking a unique approach on how she should be portrayed. The character has undergone many adaptations over time and it seems increasingly apparent that the former Queen will continue to evolve to reflect ongoing social changes.