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(Credit: Catholic Church England and Wales)


The Pope makes rare appearance and visits local music shop


It is only on rare occasions that we see Pope Francis dive out into public appearances, but recently, the Pope was spotted visiting a local music shop in Rome where he left with a free CD. The Pope was seen last Tuesday, January 11th, by Javier Martinez-Brocal, who is the director of the Rome Reports. He was spotted walking into Stereosound, making a 20-minute appearance.

Tiziana Esposito, an owner of Stereosound, told The Telegraph: “He was here for maybe 20 minutes, just time for us to have a chat. It was an honour, very emotional. He is a great person, a simple man but marvellous. He used to come here before he became Pope, when he was the archbishop of Buenos Aires and visiting Rome. This time we gave him a present, a CD, but I’m not telling anyone what it was.”

Surprisingly, The Pope has a music career, having released an album called Wake Up! in 2015. It has been labelled as progressive rock but is essentially Christian prayers and speeches in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, despite the English title. It didn’t receive too well with critics, however, generating predominantly negative reviews. But interestingly enough, The Pope has a rock album.  

When speaking of his music taste, The Pope said previously: “Among musicians I love Mozart, of course. The ‘Et incarnatus est’ from his Mass in C minor is matchless; it lifts you to God! I love Mozart performed by Clara Haskil. Mozart fulfills me. But I cannot think about his music; I have to listen to it. I like listening to Beethoven, but in a Promethean way, and the most Promethean interpreter for me is Furtwängler.”

“And then Bach’s Passions. The piece by Bach that I love so much is the ‘Erbarme Dich,’ the tears of Peter in the St. Matthew Passion. Sublime. Then, at a different level, not intimate in the same way, I love Wagner. I like to listen to him, but not all the time,” he added.  

If you’re planning to visit Rome and fancy seeing The Pope, one of your few options is to visit St. Peters Square at 11:30 on a Sunday to see his weekly address. It might be less likely for you to see him visit another music store, though.