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The Pearl Harts - Black Blood


The Pearl Harts are the latest girl duo to prick the ears of all those in search of impish blues-rock guitar riffs smothered in the ever libido raising vocals.

The London pair shot the video for Far Out’s Track of the Day Black Blood on location in one day by Director David Lieb and DOP Tom Walden in South London’s legendary Ivy House, a venue with an already ghostly and mysterious aura around it; ‘Black Blood’ is as aggressive and red-blooded as it is sexy and enticing.

Kirsty Lowrey and Sara Leigh-Shaw repeatedly feed off each other, taking turns with the musical limelight by trading solos and singing back at each other drawing comparisons to bands such as Drenge or Californian rockers Deap Vally.

Black Blood is self-released the band this month and you can watch them live in London and Manchester at the end of the month.

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