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The Peach Kings - Hold On

The day of rest and purity has been well and truly ambushed by this week’s Unsigned Sunday selection in the form of LA outfit The Peach Kings and their groove filled, sultry sexy, single ‘Hold On’.  The track released from their recent EP Mojo Thunder is a hip grinding grooving number which bassline licks and rumbles along whilst punctuated by a devilish deadpan delivery from guitarist and singer Paige Wood.

With Steve Dies providing the steadiest of rhythmic ships on guitar, Wood is allowed to fully express herself on ‘Hold On’ and carelessly plays with heavy, meaty riffs and vocal melodies which ooze a kind of black glamour that would make Alison Mosshart look a Prom queen.


That is truly where the essence of The Peach Kings lay, in the simplicity of these two opposing sounds. On one hand there is the decadently smooth vocal performance this is then matched by an equally threatening and unforgiving riff which thunders across the back drop of Wood’s femme fatale. Something which is now easily executed in their live shows with the help of Edward Shies on drums, portraying the simplicity of rock and roll in the most compelling of ways.

With Mojo Thunder now available on itunes among other outlets this is the perfect time to get acquainted with The Peach Kings and their b-movie glamour, taking influence from The Dead Weather, The Cramps and Portishead among others, Wood and Dies show that ‘Hold On’ is no fluke. Sweet, sharp and sexy as hell The Peach Kings have kept the party going from last night and have now truly made this a holy day, a holy-fuck-listen-to-this-day.



The Peach Kings

Jack Whatley