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The Parrots bring ‘Let’s Do It Again’ to the party

The Madrid trio have a penchant for partying and this newest track, the first released since their signing to Heavenly Recordings, has a typical groove and shake that we have come to expect from The Parrots.

Flexing their garage muscles the band continue to show off effervescent selves with convincing aplomb, they use their guitars to spike your drink and rasping vocals to take you to the dancefloor. Sooner or later you end up in a haze of colours wishing the night would never end. This is the power of The Parrots. Your favourite roofie band.

Signing to Heavenly isn’t only good for the band but good for the audience too. You won’t find a better label to stretch out the calves, flex the hamstrings and start charging in to the sun. The Parrots, by this example, haven’t had their wings clipped.