Credit: Rafale Tovan

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart announce split


Yesterday saw the end of one of America’s brightest talents, as the band known as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart announced their split. Having spent 12 years oin the business frontman Kip Berman made the announcement yesterday.

The band’s journey started back in 2007 when Berman alongside Peggy Wang, Alex Naidus, and Kurt Feldman came together to create one of the purest indie bands around.

They released 4 full-length records during their time, 2009’s self-titled debut, 2011’s Belong, 2014’s Days of Abandon finishing with 2017’s The Echo of pleasure. The band gathered a massive haul of fans along the way and have left them distraught with yesterday’s announcement. But there is hope.

In the statement on Instagram from yesterday, Berman said: “My life has changed radically from the time I started Pains with Peggy, Alex and (soon after) Kurt in 2007, and I’ve decided to focus on a new project @the_natvral.

“Pains was a distinct moment in my life. I started the group when I first moved to New York and completed our last record, ‘The Echo of Pleasure,’ shortly before my daughter was born and I moved to Princeton, NJ. From that time forward, I never really felt the same – and the music I was creating didn’t feel the same either. But this is good, both for my heart and my music.”

Berman continues, “I know some of you equate ‘PAINS’ with a particular lineup of people, but I’ve always felt that whoever I collaborated with has been ‘the real band,’ because what animated the music was so consistent.

“But now, that strange something that inspired what we were able to create is absent. What has taken its place feels very different, and I have to express it in a different way.”