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The Pack A.D. - Battering Ram

The Pack A.D. announce new single Battering Ram, taken from their new album ‘Do Not Engage’, both out May 5th.

Hailing from Vancouver, The Pack A.D, comprised of guitarist Becky Black, and drummer Maya Miller, play a fierce explosion of punk, grunge and garage rock. Do Not Engage, is The Pack A.D’s debut album on Nettwerk, and their fifth since the band’s inception in 2007; or third album if you’re talking to Miller, “I don’t count the first two anymore as they feel so far away from what we do now” she has told the Canadian press. She’s selling The Pack’s past achievements short, but with their ferocious appetite for work and relentless touring of Canada and the east coast of the USA, it is easy to see how things can fade into the distance.

The Pack A.D play the Garage, London on the 7th of May.

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