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The Orwells: The Playlist


We caught up with The Orwells guitarist Matt O’Keefe to get his playlist and show us what songs help him get up in the morning, help make grey clouds disappear as well as the classic Friday night special: the 3am meltdown.

Lucky enough this has to be one of the best playlists yet! we’ve been happily listening for a while now, expect some classics as well as a few hidden gems.

The song that gets you up in the morning? 

“Barracuda,” John Cale. Catches a good groove. Goes well with the morning juice.

The song that soundtracked your childhood? 

Whatever my old man was playing. Elvis’s voice dominated most of it, really. Some other vivid ones sneak in there, though. “Electrolite” – R.E.M., “1979” – Smashing Pumpkins. That’s like pre-tenth birthday childhood. Later childhood stuff is probably the same for most people my age: “Hey Ya” – Outkast, “Crazy” – Gnarls Barkley

The song which made you wanna play music? 

There’s was a bunch that kind of built up, I don’t know which one got me to actually pick a guitar up. “I Think I Smell A Rat” by The White Stripes comes to mind. I remember being in elementary school and hearing that, really wanting to be able to play along.

The song you most recently loved? 

“Pretty Boy,” Randy Newman. I knew there was more to him than the Toy Story tune, but holy shit. Been digging into that stuff recently.

A song to make you fall in love? 

I don’t know. “Dearest”, Don Drummond.

Guilty Pleasure song? 

Not sure, there’s not really anything I’d say I hesitate to admit liking. “Black” or “Yellow Leadbetter” by Pearl Jam are tunes people my age would probably call guilty pleasures. I dig ‘em. I think Eddie Vedder is fucking great. Deal with it.

What about two songs which make grey clouds disappear? 

“Cleo”, Abner Jay. Twice in a row.

One track to bring them back? 

“Jim Wise,” Sun Kil Moon. That oughta do the trick.

Song to get the party started? 

“Ayo Ayo Nene,” Mor Thiam. Let everyone know you’re not fucking around.

The 1am banger? 

“Get The Message”, Cyrus Erie. Found this gem on Aquarium Drunkard – no surprise there.

3am meltdown? 

“I Go To Sleep”, Kinks.


The Orwells new album Terrible Human Beings is out on February 17th and features stand out singles ‘They Put the Body in the Bayou’ and ‘Buddy’. Pre-order here