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The Orwells - Let It Burn

Friday’s Track Of The Day comes from those iller than your average Illinois boys; The Orwells and their ode to gonorrhoea ‘Let It Burn’ which aside from the smirking references is as close to chaos as we’ve had in a while. So, what better time than Friday to let you all have a taste of what these lads have to give – by the sounds of it, a little more than you were expecting.

The Orwells have been projecting their own mutated form of punk with every recent release, tinging it with Americana and adding their own adolescent nonchalance to give this rendition of punk a modernised direction. Melting this into the crucible of the industry conscious has been easy for a band with seamlessly endless supplies of energy.


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They continue to tour anywhere and everywhere causing chaos and inducing knicker-wetting reactions from the furore of their furious live performance at every venue across the land. Now, couple that aptitude and passion with their thirst for writing and releasing music as the conveyer belt of Orwells tracks never looks like slowing, then you have a band that truly has potential – the only worry is burning out.

‘Let It Burn’ ironically shows no hint of burn –out from the youngsters as they continue to live off sex, drugs and rock and roll and fill our dancefloors with classic punk/indie records. ‘Let It Burn’ is full of rampaging riffs and pounding, juddering rhythm when you add the musicianship to their showmanship you have a match made in heaven.


Jack Whatley