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The Orwells - Blood Bubbles


A few weeks back we featured those young Chicago boys; The Orwells and their recent rise to prominence around the rock n roll water fountain, how their explosive energy and lo-fi choppy punk has been setting teenage hearts alight. Well, they’re at it again and however much the adolescent fire is dampened in the new melancholy track Blood Bubbles, they’ve replaced it with a song about social depravity, suicide and all accompanied by possibly the coolest video released this year.

The track is a 60’s influenced, Strokes-esque commentary on the demise of a young girl and her glitter gutter tale all told with a glamorous gloss over the pleading vocals and powerful riffs. As guitars pull and fade the drums pound with relentless rhythm leaving Mario Cuomo’s vocals to ring and resonate as they should. The Orwells sound like The Vaccines wish they could and add gravitas to a fairly simple song, whilst keeping raw and powerful.

The video, as we previously mentioned, must be hitting the top end of the video ‘cool list’ as The Supremes’ sisters enthrall us with one of the best performances in a pop promo ever. The snarling lead keeps us reeling as she tells her tragic story of hopelessness in the big city. It’s a sentiment that’s perfectly compounded in this black and white trip to the motown 60’s.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

If The Orwells continue with this combination of powerful rock and visceral punk they will surely keep the 2013 rock n roll revival alive; they also possess the tenacity to put in an incredible live show. The teenage punks from Chicago really do have the world on their feet with our mouths open for more.

By Jack Whatley

The ORWELLS – Blood Bubbles from Eddie O’KEEFE on Vimeo.