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The Orielles share their latest track 'Let Your Dogtooth Grow'


Easily one of the most exciting young bands around at the moment, sisters Sidonie B and Esmé, and best bud Henry (they’re sickeningly only 21, 18 and 17 respectively) AKA The Orielles, are not just filled with promise. On their new track ‘Let Your Dogtooth Show’ they are showing their bite is as bad as their bark.

A disco-indie-pop tracvk centred around the caging of youthful spirit? Yes. Most definitely. With it comes a genuine bounce and melody which appeals to the fast-footed among us, while the sentiment appeals to those with flatter soles.

The band said of the track in a press release. “‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’ was once again recorded and produced by the legend that is Marta ‘bueno’ Salogni. It features our first (but certainly not last) outing with the Mini Moog, which oscillates freely throughout the closing minute of the track. Furthermore, the outro to the song becomes a melting-pot of our influences, combining guitar riffs reminiscent of Turkish psychedelic musician, Mustafa Ozkent with the Moog Synth riff which is redolent of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’.”

“Whilst we’re much more than a stones throw away from knocking our teeth out in order to break from the omnipresent restrictions us teenagers and young adults face, it’s still something that really bugs us as a ‘young band’! When are you gonna let us out of the house?”

Simple really.