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The Orielles are here to brighten up your week with 'Space Samba'


Yes. We know. Today – the first day back to work for much of the population – was never going to be a thrill a minute. But now at least you have The Orielles and their brand new tune ‘Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)’ to cheer you up. It’s our Track of the Day.

Take time out of the classic verbiage of ‘back to work Mondays’ (“Just want it to be summer now”, “Yeh it was a good one, quiet but good”, “Can we go home yet?” etc.) and put a bit of shuffle back in your step. The Orielles latest cut is guaranteed to get those January blues off your back.

Their song, ‘Space Samba’ does exactly what it says on the tin and has us dancing our little hearts out toward the edge of the universe. It’s a hint of what’s to come on their new record Disco Volador which arrives in February 2020 via Heavenly Recordings. And it’s a hint we cannot get enough of.

A track built on an unstoppably infectious groove, the track is permeated by samba percussion and the additional lusciousness added by Alex’s keys make this a track built for all your future parties… and parties of the future too.

Esme from The Orielles had this to say about the sashaying track, “‘Space Samba’ is a song about corporeal experience, something which we feel we are collectively losing sight of in an age of mental existentialism! It is the ‘Disco Volador’ theme because it relates to the phenomenological thread of the whole album, which tackles the many interpretations of the title throughout. In this instance, it refers to Disco Volador’s literal translation of ‘flying disc’ or ‘frisbee’, using this symbol to reflect both feelings of flight and motion and the notion of human connectivity.”

About the upcoming record, Disco Volador “Its literal interpretation from Spanish means flying disc but everyone experiences things differently. Disco Volador could be a frisbee, a UFO, an alien nightclub or how you feel when you fly; what happens to your body physically or that euphoric buzz from a great party,” suggests bassist and singer, Esme. “But it is an album of escape; if I went to space, I might not come back.”

With the hedonistic idea of escape from the universe marrying nicely with our hatred of the office, sit back and enjoy this momentary break through the atmosphere into somewhere we can all samba.

Listen below to The Orielles’ ‘Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) below: