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The Orielles add youthful vigour to the scene with 'Silver Dollar Moment'

'Silver Dollar Moment' - The Orielles

The Orielles are quite simply a band on the rise. They’ve been making waves now for little over a year and with their plucky spirit and joyful sound they’re making sure that their ‘ones to watch’ status is being duly observed.

The young band, like really young, have been working with producer Marta Salongi (Bjórk, Insecure Men) which speaks of their huge potential. And many were wondering, worried about their innocence, if the album, Silver Dollar Moment released today via Heavenly Recordings (could you think of a better roster to be sat on?), could live up to the hype.

These notions of youthful exuberance overshadowing the sound were quickly put to bed on the realisation that youthful exuberance is where their sound firmly sits. And rightly so, when the first song ‘Mango’ drops, you know exactly who The Orielles are.

The trio manage to garner the same sonics that blessed so much UK indie of the 90’s. Dabbling with Britpop, doffing their hat to shoegaze and taking a longing look at 80’s juggernauts, the band take all the sweetest inspiration and throw it up like only a kid at a playground could.

But for all the youth analogies we can come up with, one thing is true enough, and that is that the band know how to write a song. Stand out tracks such as ‘Let Your Dog Tooth Grow’ and ‘I Only Bought It For The Bottle’ lilt towards baggy guitar sounds (expertly used by Henry), while the somber moment of the album ‘Liminal Spaces’ hints at a darker future, still lit by success.

Silver Dollar Moment isn’t exactly a genre-busting firework in the room. Instead it is a jaunt around the decaying identity of Britain, making sure to stop at cultural touchpoints and musical triumphs. It dips periodically, otherwise maintaining the fizzy-drink sugar rush of indie-pop. At parts lyrically astute beyond their years and at points a dancefloor must-have.

It’s a jaunt for sure; a jaunt in to the indie-pop stars, and it’s a fucking pleasant jaunt at that

Let Your Dogtooth Grow by The Orielles