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(Credit: Neelam Khan Vela)


The Ninth Wave share new single 'Maybe You Didn't Know'

The Ninth Wave - 'Maybe You Didn't Know'

Despite its comparatively small size, Scotland is an undisputed musical hotbed, and The Ninth Wave’s new single, ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’, hints that they could be the next luminaries to emerge from north of the border.

The new reverb-soaked track immediately grasps your full attention from the pounding synth intro, which commences before singer Haydn Park-Patterson’s enchanting warped vocals get underway. The effort is set against a dark, sulphurous backdrop, and the sinking feeling of despair is unavoidable.

“The first verse of the song comes from daydreaming,” Park-Patterson noted. “I was out walking on a day that the rain that had been unrelenting until it briefly subsided and made it possible to get out and go for a wander. I was staring at a burn that was flowing much more forcefully than it usually would. The frantic and panicked movement of the water reminded me of a time that I was in the middle of a fox-hunting-sabotage.”

He added: “Standing in the middle of the road with my eyes and thoughts lost in the babble of the water, I couldn’t help but feel an affinity with the fox as I imagined the burn bursting its banks and the water gushing out and striking me up off of the ground. The feeling of fear and contentment about this situation were in equilibrium.”

After the last 18-months, fear is a feeling that we’ve all become more familiar with to some degree, and The Ninth Wave succinctly transfigure this gut-wrenching emotion into a starkly illuminating piece of music.

There’s a strange comfort to be uncovered in ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’, especially on a day like today when England lifts its restrictions, and many of us face a daunting adjustment as we attempt to return to some kind of normality.