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The Naughtys - Groundhog Day

When a certain amount of positive energy is invested into, or expelled by, any kind of endeavour, musical or anything else, then something great is bound to come of it, fact. In this case the benevolent vibrations exuded by, arguably, Manchester’s favourite underground outfit The Naughtys over the years has architected their recent signing to Scruff of the Neck records, and the best thing about the whole affair is that they (the band) probably don’t care so much.

To anybody that knows the Stretford dwelling ska/punk/rap rabble the news comes as no surprise, in fact it’s little more than The Naughtys deserve, after giving crowds a similar buzz to the pills gifted in the era dubbed with the same title.

Though in truth, as well as being an old number, today’s selection ‘Groundhog Day’ was not the first choice, despite the track being a fantastic concoction of offbeat Specials inspired rhythm, sparse surf guitar and punky lyrics it isn’t, in my humble opinion, the best tune to encapsulate the essence of The Naughty’s character; that would be ‘Beggin Bugga’ an effort I suppose we will have to wait for the label dish out. Anyway, this more a tip of the hat to a top bunch than anything else so any song could’ve been plucked from their catalogue.

Some might say that a write up like this is about three hundred words too long; only one is really needed to best describe this lot and that’s ‘fun’. They will give you a platform to dance (more like throw yourself about) and a few feverishly catchy verses to carry into the night with and if famed sentimental wordsmiths like Leonard Cohen caught a listen he would probably throw up… and that’s in part the fundamental, fantastic attraction with this lot.

Infused with the tongue in cheek social commentary of Baileyz, the loose-lipped MC whom lays down a few typically Manc anecdotes as enjoyable to lap up as a couple of neat glasses of the drink, The Naughtys may well be ‘Stretford’s finest export’, as the group proclaim, and not just because there’s not much else else worth mentioning from there.

Joshua Hevicon

You can catch an array of the band’s tunes here or alternatively visit their page to suss out how to get to watch them live.