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Credit: Kim Metso/Brian Ziff


The National, Soccer Mommy and Fleet Foxes are fundraising for their crews


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen and the likelihood of live music returning to us anytime soon feels less and less likely, Soccer Mommy, The National and Fleet Foxes have all moved to help out their crew.

The National and Soccer Mommy have both announced initiatives to help fundraise for their touring bands and crew who are now likely to be out of work for the foreseeable future.

The National have made a pledge to direct all the profits from their online shop and fan club to making up the lost wages for their dozen crew members. Soccer Mommy will equally be directing all her merchandise sales from a limited tour series to her band and crew.

“Our crew are the lifeblood of our touring operation and have become family through the many years we’ve worked together,” the National wrote in a statement. “As uncertainty looms over the state of the live concert industry, we will direct all profits from merch sales through our webstore, new Cherry Tree fan club enrollments, and sales from the Cherry Tree members-only store to support our crew members throughout this crisis to the best of our ability.”

Meanwhile, Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold has made a similar pledge on his Instagram story, suggesting all profit from the band’s merch will go directly to the crew who helped the band put on their last tour.