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The National share new track 'Hairpin Turns' with new video

As we await the drop of The National’s upcoming album I Am Easy To Find on May 17th, the band have shared a new dark single with an equally brilliant video, directed by Mike Mills.

“The video is a very simple portrait of the band (and the friends who helped make the song) and the song itself: You see all the instruments that make up the song in isolation, even hear them recorded live on set over the album version, kind of like showing you the tracks that make up the song,” Mills said in a statement. “It’s thought of her as Alicia’s unconscious, or her shadow self – that has her own life in this space.”

Following the release of album tracks ‘You Had Your Soul With You’ and ‘Light Years’ this latest song sees the band fall on more morose times. Offering minimalist beats and tone which renders the dual vocals as saddened to say the least, ‘Hairpin Turns’ is The National at their artistic best.

The video and song comes complete with screening dates for the band’s upcoming film I Am Easy To Find, which you can find below the video.