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The National share another Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving track 'Save The Bird'


We might find Thanksgiving a little odd over here in the UK. It does have the faint whiff of the contradictory about it (no less because of adding marshmallows to savoury food – we will never understand this), but one tradition we can all get behind is the continuing love between epic animated series and equally epic band The National.

The band have, over the last few years, offered a song for the animated series to celebrate Thanksgiving with a usually morbid and dark tone. Previous tracks include ‘Give It to Teddy’, ‘Kill The Turkey’ and ‘Gravy Boat’.

“We’re honored to continue our Thanksgiving tradition with Bob’s Burgers with ‘Save The Bird,’ which was recorded at Public Hi-Fi in Austin and in my secluded dojo in Los Angeles,” Matt Berninger said in a statement. “It’s especially thrilling to have our brass section finally get credit for something. Also, I’d like to thank Tom for doing the dishes.”

Watch the animated visual for ‘Save the Bird’ from the show’s “Bob’s Buskers” series below.