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The National release new track 'Day I Die'

The National announced their long awaited return to the scene tis year and with it came a plethora of reasons why we love the band so much. The new album Sleep Well Beast is due out on September 8th, but before that with have this breathtaking new track ‘Day I Die’.

The track comes along with a brilliant new video as well. The video comprises 5000 individual photographs to create a somewhat trippy animated video. Created by Casey Reas the video had it’s own software created to produce the accelerated affect of the rehearsals. “A flickering color layer abstracted from broadcast television signals augments the black and white footage,” he said in a statement. “The images are played back at 12fps, near the threshold of the persistence of vision.”

Video aside, the song is an urgent and ultimately moving song, filled with fraught emotion and subtle ferocity. It’s The National at their best; a driving, pounding track with an encapsulating message of love and life.

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