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(Credit: The National)


The National hint that a new album is on the way


With plenty of solo projects in the offing, it seemed like it would be a while before fans of The National had the kings of sad dad rock back in the same room for new material. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Speaking to The Up Coming about his work on the film Cyrano, Bryce Dessner revealed that The National are actually currently working on new music and an album announcement should be imminent. He was quick to add that he isn’t sure when new music will come, but it’s well underway. 

“It’s all very exciting: it kind of feels back to the classic National sound in a way, which was really just the five of us, and it has a lot of energy in it. Maybe it’s like bursting out of the closed doors of Covid-19 or something? I don’t know,” the guitarist announced. “We’re excited and I would think it would be imminent at some point.”

He later added: “We do have a concert scheduled for next summer. By then it will have been the longest period of time, I think, by times two, that we’ve ever not played a show.”

Concluding: “So even right now, we’re at two years, fully two years since the last National show, which is in 20 years the first time we’ve ever done that long.”

Thus, while no date has yet been set, it would seem that solo projects haven’t taken any of the steam out of the engine and the band are keen to get back out there as soon as possible with a return to their stripped-back sound.