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(Credit: Kim Metso)

'Juicy Sonic Magic': The National share mini-documentary on legendary bootlegger Mike Millard

The National have today shared a mini-documentary Juicy Sonic Magic – ‘The Mike Millard Method’ to celebrate the release of an extra special live album release for Record Store Day Black Friday on November 29th.

The live album will arrive as a three cassette release and has been brought together in tribute to the legendary bootlegger Mike Millard. The release was completed with the same method as the celebrated seventies concert recorder, AKA ‘Mike The Mic’.

A Southern Californian legend Mike The Mic started his career as recording some of the rock world’s greatest legends. He managed to secretly record bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, you name them he probably recorded them through his secret wheelchair recorder.

In the video below Matt Beringer and archivist, Erik Flannigan, go through some of the indelible marks that Mike had on him as a growing music lover. The film also delves into the passion that drove Millard a lot of which is so purely driven.

The new live album will be an authentic cassette recording of The National’s performance at the Greek Theatre in Berkley California and will be available on Friday 29th November.