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(Credit: Kim Metso)


The National cover INXS' 'Never Tear Us Apart' for bushfire relief compilation

The National have covered the INXS classic ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ for a new Australian bushfire relief compilation, brought together by Julia Stone. Listen to the release below.

Songwriter and musician, Julia Stone, has got some great musicians on to the new compilation record titled, Songs For Australia, which will arrive on March 12th via BMG. As well as the National, artists such as Kurt Vile (for a cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Stranger Than Kindness’), Joan as Policewoman, Sam Amidon, and more have collaborated.

According to a press release, the album aims to benefit those “who are working towards creating a better future for the country and helping to rebuild during and after the bushfire crisis.”

The money raised from the release will go to a host of beneficial organisation, including, Firesticks, Landcare Australia, SEED, Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, WildArk, and NSW RFS.

“I couldn’t believe the responses I was getting,” Stone said in a press release. “I received the most heart-warming replies from the biggest, busiest artists in the world. Most of these artists have toured here, have family here, friends here, have lived here or spent time here. Everyone has such great memories of this country and to see it in flames was breaking everyone’s hearts. I often got the response that people were so happy to be offered the opportunity to do something. Everyone feels helpless in times like this.”

Listen to The National’s cover of ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ below and find Stone’s ‘Beds Are Burning’ below that.