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(Credit: The Mysterines / Press)


The Mysterines share brand new single 'In My Head'

The Mysterines - 'In My Head'

Liverpool hard rockers The Mysterines have shared a new preview of their forthcoming debut LP with the single ‘In My Head’.

“‘In My Head’ appears to be a love song, but that was not the original intention,” vocalist Lia Metcalfe says of the band’s new single. “I did want it to superficially be seen as that, but in reality it’s a song about people who struggle with their mental health. Partly autobiographical, it’s about how sometimes life can feel like you’re being haunted by something out of your control.”

With elements of metal and alt-rock, The Mysterines excel at pulse-pounding, ear-splitting power chords and thunderous drums. When completed with Metcalfe’s burly growl, it’s a potent sonic stew that sounds fresh and exciting. If you’re one of those people who bemoan the fact that band’s don’t rock anymore, The Mysterines are here to prove that rock is very much still alive.

Speaking of how real world events influenced the making of their first record, Metcalfe explains: “Anyone who has ever been granted the opportunity to record a debut album understands that this situation could be deemed as ‘bad timing’. Instead, I like to refer to it as ‘almost perfect timing’. Nothing seemed more fitting than to record an album about self-destruction whilst the world itself entered into what seemed like a brief apocalypse.

“As a band, we were really grateful to still be able to create during such bleak times,” she continues. “Our wonderful producer Catherine Marks, who put everything she had into the record, turned my songs into perfect pictures of themselves, with both the most frightening and beautiful reflections.”

Check out the audio for ‘In My Head’ down below. We’ll keep you updated on the details of The Mysterines debut album when they come to the fore.