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The Museum of London want to collect your 'quarantine dreams'

While it is undeniable that the impact of the current Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on society, economy, the arts and life as we know it, many have tried to combat the negativity with creativity and The Museum of London are leading the charge.

In response to the pandemic, the British institution has teamed up with the Museum of Dreams to launch a brand new research-based project. The plans have now seen the museum reach out in order to “collect the dreams of Londoners” in order to record responses to Covid-19. Titled, Guardians of Sleep, The Museum of London need personal testimonies to put their plans into action.

“Traditionally, when museums have collected dreams it has been in the form of artistic impression, for example, paintings or drawings influenced by the events,” digital curator Foteini Aravani said in a press release. “However, this can often dissociate the dream from the dreamer.” 

“Instead, as part of Collecting COVID, we will collect dreams as first-person oral histories with the aim to provide a more emotional and personal narrative of this time for future generations.”

Sharon Sliwinski, the creator of the Museum of Dreams, added: “This partnership with the Museum of London takes inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s description of dreams as the ‘guardians of sleep’, where dreams are seen as night watchmen helping to preserve the integrity of our mind, guarding over our capacity to articulate experiences in our own terms.

“This new research with the Museum of London aims to provide a rich resource for further understanding the significance of dream-life as a mechanism for working through social conflict and how the pandemic has affected the human condition.”

First announced in April 2020, the Museum of London has set a deadline of 15 January 2021 to take part. The final project is due to be launched in February. For more information, follow this link.

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