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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)


The Moonlandingz share video ‘The Strangle of Anna’


Following the rapturous applause heard around the country when The Moonlandingz alongside Rebecca Lucy Taylor released the brilliant ‘The Strangle of Anna’ the band have finally given us a video to accompany the masterful track.

With award winning video director and cinematographer Dawn Shadforth and Robbie Ryan at the helm it was always going to be something really special. With an 11 date tour ahead this could be another special year for one of the most underrated bands in the country.

Talking about the video, the bands Adrian Flanagan described it as such.

“Johnny Rocket (aka frontman Lias Saoudi, also of the Fat White Family) went completely method for the video by staying awake for 5 days solid before the shoot. On arrival on set he said he wanted to have the hairstyle of all the South Yorkshire greats, yer know, Turner, Hawley and the king of the crooners, Mr Tony Christie – but he wanted to take that look to the next level, which obviously, was to wear 2 fried eggs upon his person…It was hilarious, we filmed the video in a karaoke bar – cum – Chinese restaurant in Dalston and we had the chef there make about 100 fried eggs till there was two eggs that were aesthetically pleasing enough. When they were good enough, we covered Johnny in Vaseline, slapped these Luke warm fried eggs on his chest and wrapped him and them in cling film…Even Michael Jackson never ventured in to the realms of fry ups as fashion accessories on a video shoot… I’m pretty certain it’s gonna be the look of the summer!”