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The Moonlandingz Set To Tour UK


The Moonlandingz comprised of 1 part Fat White Family and 1 part Eccentronic Research Council are on whole lot of band. Their track ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ absolutely tore our faces off when it was released a few months back and now the band are ready to start a UK tour, but as Adrian Flanagan explains they started out as a fictional band.

“The latest ERC album is an electronic spoken word concept album featuring actress Maxine Peake (Shameless,The Falling, Silk), who plays a stalker obsessed by the lead singer of a (fictional) band called The Moonlandingz. I thought to flesh the album out it would be cool to create an actual band around the narrative, so I called up Saul & Lias from the Fat White Family, who I hit it off with a few months earlier, at a now, legendary Fat Whites show in Sheffield that ended in bodily matter being smeared & thrown around, possibly encouraged pre-show, by myself (laughs). So anyway, I asked them if they wanted to be in my fictional band and they were dead up for it. They came up to Sheffield & we wrote an EP’s worth of songs at ERC member, Dean Honer’s studio. One of which, ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ totally blew up on the radio, 6 Music were playing it daily for a couple of months, so this fictional band took on a life of its own, getting actual non fictional fans of their own (even Jason Sleaford Mods is in to us, ha) and all of a sudden I’m getting loads of messages from promoters all over Europe saying they want us to do shows. Which I had to turn down as we weren’t a real band and we only had 4 songs.

To be honest, I think we were all surprised of how much people took to the songs and the band, so we decided to get together over this summer to write more songs and get a little live set together, it’s already sounding pretty amazing. Lias has moved up to Sheffield for the summer writing words & laying down vocals with us & we’ve got Saul coming up sporadically, to summon up some demonic sonics. That kids one of the best guitarists and songwriters out there right now. It really fucking works, Dean & I, a couple of old beardy analogue twonks with a penchant for real ale & witchcraft & Lias & Saul, furious, filthy & quite likely, incredibly high. It’s a very sexy combination.”

As well as all this excitement the band will also be releasing an expanded EP via Sean Lennon and a video which is “All kinds of wrong” according to Flanagan. “Come Autumn, we hope to be the most hated fictional band by Christian rednecks in the U.S, they love getting wound up by stuff that doesn’t even exist though, don’t they?”

Bring on the Autumn!

25th August – Glasgow – Broadcast

26th August – Leeds – Belgrave Music Hall

27th August – Manchester – Night & Day Cafe

28th August – London – The Lexington

29th August – Sheffield – Picture House Social