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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)


The Moonlandingz return with ‘The Rabies Are Back’


If you don’t know of The Moonlandingz then we kindly ask you to do your fucking research. The band are high on our list for future World leaders and comprise of a dizzying assortment of poets and punks. What’s more is they’re back with a new track and equally abusive video.

Here’s where we would normally explain this to you. But luckily for us the band can string a sentence or two together (unlike most) so we’ll just let them do it and hope they don’t chastise us for the lazy journalism.

“In these seemingly 1970s times of violent and hideous intolerance towards people of race, religion and culture, perpetuated by the over-zealous scaremongering of the right-wing press we wrote ‘The Rabies are Back’ from the perspective of these little booze cruise Englanders, those Union Jack short wearing, Euro lager drinking, chicken masala swilling, Lidl shopping, hard Brexit cheering, refugee baiting, balls of contradiction.”

“We shot the video on the outskirts of Sheffield in the Peak District. Lias came up with the idea of shaving with a giant log as a representation of the human struggle, so he went in to this wood and found the biggest, heaviest trunk he could find – and we attached a razor blade to the bottom of it. Just holding the log on its own above your head was hard enough without getting a serious muscle wobble, but factor in that there was a really sharp blade on the end of it, plus quite a high wind on top of this hill/cliff face, a lot of things could have gone wrong. Thankfully no major arteries were severed. You’ll also notice two monks dragging a child’s dingy filled with blood across the landscape; that was our tribute to the refugee crisis with a nod to Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo.”