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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)


The Moonlandingz murdered by Sean Lennon... in new video


The Moonlandingz are a fucked up sort of bunch, made up of The Eccetronic Reasearch Council and Fat White Family members they were bound to be. And my unholy god are we eternally grateful for their wretchedness amongst the mire of home counties psyche and laptop DJs – we have a band that are real.

Real of course if your nights involve murdering a Beatle’s son (whilst he is playing Jimi Hendrix), stabbings, maggots and drugs. Let’s face it excluding Sean Lennon’s murder, that’s about right.

The video for the amazing ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ has all of the above plus a touch of the occult and the haunting feeling that these lads will be infiltrating every orifice you have available in two shakes of a lambs tail.

Sit back and enjoy the darkness.