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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)


The Moonlandingz - Cherished Sounds from the Uberground (mix tape)


For a band that started out as a fictional band less than a year ago, The Moonlandingz (electronic psych-rock project of Lias & Saul from South London’s Fat White Family & Sheffield’s practical electronic wizards, The Eccentronic Research Council) have gone from being the sideshow on The E.R.C’s electronic avant-garde spoken word concept album, to becoming one of Britain’s most freakishly exciting new bands.

Playing sell-out shows where ever they go, the project brings a mixture of charm, chaos, agitation and a heavy dose of weird psychedelic pop with more hooks than a fisherman’s basket, to everything they do.

Ahead of their new tour (dates below) The Moonlandingz keyboardist, creator and co-songwriter, Adrian Flanagan has picked out the ‘Cherished Sounds from the Uberground’ mixtape:

1: Are You Ready to Come (with me) pt 1 – U.S Aries

“Let’s kick things off with a touch of the rudimentary electronic soul made in some dudes bedroom in the ’70s…are you ready to come?”

2: Sing Sing – Chris Gallbert

“A slice of psychedelic French Rock, produced by the legendary Jean Pierre Massiera. Search for anything on YouTube written or produced by JPM and you’ll be in for a sonic treat.”

3: Soyle Beni – Grazia

“Israeli singer, Grazia, started out, aged 9 as a folk artist and became a national star in her country. By the age of 16 and wanting to break away from the traditional folk music that she was known for, Grazia, decided to make a hard-rocking, Middle Eastern fuzz and Moog record that was on the right side of funky. The album bombed and she quit music by the tender age of 18. This killer track is from that said LP.”

4: Moogies Bloogies – Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley

“Recorded above a flower shop with Delia Derbyshire in London. Actor/singer, Anthony Newley, a man who was a big influence on early David Bowie records & who at the time was Mr Joan Collins, wrote and sang this little charming perv of a track. 50 years later and it still sounds like the future.”

5: Catholic Girls – Frank Zappa

“All of the Moonlandingz band members are big Zappa Fans, no one satirised modern America better than Frank!”

6: Dum Maro Dum – Asha Bhosle

“Frankly, if anyone’s entitled to call themselves the queen of India, Asha Bosle is. With a career that spans a mind-boggling 60 years and has sung on over a thousand Bollywood films, one thing you can’t say is that this First Lady of the song hasn’t got a work ethic, The stone Roses, however….!!”

7: Electric to me Turn – Bruce Haack

“Taken from what is in my top five albums of all time, Electric Lucifer. I first heard this in an absinthe bar in Sheffield in around 2000. Barry seven from Add n to X was the Dj. Thank the Lord for people like Barry seven, Andy Votel, Johnny Trunk & many other crate diggers for bringing such incredible music into my life.”

8: Lend me some cutter – Fat white Family

“Everyone’s favourite loveable nightmare!! The sleep I’ve lost worrying about them boys!”

9: The Garden of Earthly Delights – The United States of America.

“The best thing about the United States of America is, the United States of America.”

10: The Confessions of Doctor Dream: Irreversible neural damage – Kevin Ayers

“Kevin Ayers teams up with the velvet undergrounds, Nico, for a happy slice of slightlydelic, chamber doom folk.”

11: Voodoo Lady’s Love – James Last

“Number 1 artist in the charity bins & worshipped by Nana’s across the UK, James Last defies everything he’s ever done before by doing something, both good and entirely bonkers…Bow down, kids, for this voodoo lady’s love!”

12: 666 – Ray Torske

“In these days of austerity and living in a country that’s being run into the ground by blue tie wearing Devils & Clowns, 666 is very near!!!”

The Moonlandingz Live

21st – Green Man Festival

22nd – The White Hotel, Salford, UK
23rd – Queens Social Club, Sheffield, UK
24th – Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia 2016
26th – Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
29th – Oslo Hackney, London, UK