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(Credit: The Moonlandingz)

The Moonlandingz announce new EP 'This Cities Undone'


The Moonlandingz – the band born from a semi fictional concept album by Sheffield electronic analogue weirdos the ‘Eccentronic Research Council’ and fronted by Fat White Family frontman, Lias Saoudi – have shared their brand new This Cities Undone EP, ahead of their forthcoming and fast-selling UK headline tour dates.

The extended player includes a single version of album closer ‘This Cities Undone’ featuring guest vocals from Yoko Ono and Human League’s Phil Oakey, alongside a Confidence Man remix and new cut ‘Dirty Red Rose’.

“I’m a big fan of Yoko’s 70’s albums like Approximately Infinite Universe,” the band’s Adrian Flanagan said. “During a late night semi drunken recording session, I suggested to Sean Lennon – who we were working with up at his studio in upstate New York – that this crazy psychedelic freak out track that we had on the boil – but had no lyrics for – could really work with Yoko doing her thing on it. Sean got it straight away, said that he thought it was a good idea and after that brief suggestion it was never mentioned again… About two months later I’m at a tiny gig in some old spoon factory in Sheffield, watching a bloke play a home made synth in a shoe box with a wind up clockwork parrot sat on his shoulder, when I get an email off Sean titled MUMLANDINGZ. In the email was a video clip of his mum doing this incredible vocal over our music… The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, her voice stirs you like the most primal of rock and roll, it’s got so much spirit, it’s proper witchcraft!“After receiving the Yoko vocal, Lias Saoudi and I set about writing some words for the track back in Sheffield. A week or so later we got our friends Philip Oakey and Rebecca Taylor to come and sing on the track and then Dean Honer and I went back to NYC to mix it,” he added.

“It was a song that went on quite a journey, but it was worth every bit of the trip. I see the track as a celebration of the activist in us all, the downtrodden, the ignored, people bullied by their local council, the government, the CEO’s in the workplace, the people you never voted for making a complete pig’s ear of running your cities, lunching out on decent hard working taxpayers money, whilst thousands of kids sleep rough in the street and whilst tower blocks burn. We live in frightening times, under the pretense of a so called democracy and something’s got to give!”

Blimey. Check it:

18/11/2017 – SWG3, Glasgow
19/11/2017 – The Church, Leeds
21/11/2017 – The Ritz, Manchester
22/11/2017 – Electric Brixton, London
23/11/2017 – Trinity, Bristol