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(Credit: Sacred Bones)


The Men release new single 'Breeze'


Brooklyn based punk band The Men have released their latest single, ‘Breeze’, which is taken from their forthcoming new album Mercy.

In what will be the band’s eighth studio album, Mercy arrives as The Men’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2018 effort Drift and is the seventh time the New Yorker’s have teamed up with record label Sacred Bones.

“Mercy has a place next to Drift and it’s now a distant neighbour to New Moon, Devil Music, and the others,” guitarist Nick Chiericozzi said in a statement. “It’s a wholly contained universe that shares the ash, the birth and the memory; the things motion takes with you after bumping into someone.”

Having already shared the first sample of the record in the shape of ‘Children All Over The World’, The Men are now following it up with the next track from the album with ‘Breeze’. “When we recorded ‘Breeze’ I’m fairly sure the four of us had never played it together,” Chiericozzi added.

“I wrote the lyrics in my car on lunch break. I didn’t have much going and we were recording the next day, so I typed out the lyrics for ‘Weighted Down’ by Skip Spence and ‘Wots the Deal’ by Pink Floyd. I cut those sheets up, slapped the two together, to get a flow happening and then added a few lines of my own.”

Stream the track, below.