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The Matchbox share new single 'How D'You Feel About Tonight?'

The Matchbox - 'How D'You Feel About Tonight?'

New Manchester upstarts The Matchbox have returned with a brand new single, ‘How D’You Feel About Tonight?’.

I had to do an actual, real-life double take when the line, “I’ve doubled down in this Oasis” came tumbling out of the speakers in the first verse. These lads are clearly leaning into the comparisons that everyone is going to make about any young Manchester rock band: might as well throw it out there at the very start just to get it out of the way.

And when you get past it, The Matchbox do sound different enough that there doesn’t need to be any additional lazy references. With scuzzy bass lines and skittering drums, the band do more than just let the loud guitars to the talking. During the second verse, rhythms even invoke disco music. It’s almost like Manchester also has a rich history of dance-infused rock as well.

My biggest question for these guys is as follows: City or United? If I were a little less professional, it would dictate whatever score I would give this track. Obviously, I’m not that petty, but I might be just petty enough for it to give me a little bit of sway. If they cover ‘Blue Moon’ next, I might just give it a 10/10 and call it the Single of the Year.

But ‘How D’You Feel About Tonight?’ is a solid rocker from a young band that’s starting to make waves in the British rock scene. I’ll be eager to hear what direction they’ll be taking in the future, but for now, they’ve plenty going for them already.

Check out the audio for ‘How D’You Feel About Tonight?’ down below.