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The Maccabees - The Coronet, London


The slowly decaying but beautiful Coronet held host to the effervescent Maccabees on a dreary night in greying London. With a queue that went around the block and back on itself, it felt like something of a homecoming. Could they deliver?

One of my fondest memories of any gig is seeing The Maccabees at the height of their ‘Colour It In’ album tour and they finished in Brighton, their adopted hometown. They smashed it. We trashed the tiny Concorde 2, with bouncers scrambling around trying to dodge beer bottles as they wrangled kids on pills down from the rafters. This gig though came someway close to topping it.

The band came on to rapturous applause and, amidst the hits, proceeded to comment on how small things can be walked past everyday which actually have a design, a purpose, perhaps a purpose that it was never meant for. It seemed fitting then to slam in to ‘Latchmere’ and send the crowd into nostalgic delirium.

It was even more fitting as the band walked through ‘Pelican’ and other slower numbers and the crowd swell subsided, it seemed as though perhaps The Maccabees needed to take their own advice and appreciate what you have.

The band have had great success delving in to sonic-scaping and adding more layers than Heston Blumenthal trifle, but really when it comes down to it it is the simplicity and honesty of their songwriting which really gets the crowd going.

Marks To Prove It’ is the crowning glory of this sentiment. It harks back to the bands formative years (and many of their audience’s) and provides bundles of energy atop complex and cultured lyrics.

As the dust settles after the tightest encore ever, many people look across the fantastic venue (#savethecoronet) for wallets, dignity and teeth it dawned on me that this band have matured full circle. They have moved past the laptop complexity and are enjoying their boundless energy again. Relinquished from externally deemed artist integrity and moved in to the realms of ‘doing it for themselves’.

We want more of this please Maccabees. We really need it.

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