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The Maccabees Share 'Something Like Happiness' Video


Following on from the video for comeback track ‘Marks To Prove It’ The Maccabees bring the second installment of the Joe Connor directed trilogy which is again set in South London’s Elephant & Castle – the band’s spiritual home – is ‘Something Like Happiness’.

Taken from the forthcoming album Marks To Prove It the band use the song to touch their softer side and explore the tenderness of love and the introverted nature of that feeling.

The basis of the visuals are to highlight the beauty of mundane and the art which we constantly walk by considering it structure and process. They do this through the use of Infra-red cameras and the results are simply stunning. Having passed through this rather run down area of London regularly I can honestly sya I will never look at it in the same way.

The theme of undiscovered or long-forgotten beauty is a theme which runs throughout the bands new material as they look to rediscover their own artistry among what was becoming a structural blueprint for their career.

Connor himself says “In our last video we left our character emerging from a puddle, now we see him walking out into a bright light and up into a utopic Elephant and Castle. Throughout this whole collaboration The Maccabees main point was to make the mundane seem amazing, the grotesque beautiful and the forgotten prominent. It’s a theme that permeates their whole album and in this video I was desperate to focus on the beauty that can be found in a much derided area.

These are places where people live, families have grown and nature very much has a part to play in the landscape dominated by concrete and high rises. Myself, Matt Clyde, Adam Scarth and all at MPC busted chops to create these images, each frame with a specifically chosen aspect ratio to give the most beautifully perfect representation of the area. Everything you see in these images is really there, nothing is added, it all exists, we just had to look at it differently.”