The Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks to release solo album

The Maccabees frontman Orlando Weeks to release solo album

Orlando Weeks, the former frontman of indie band The Maccabees, has announced his plans to release a new solo album.

The record, which follows the previously released The Gritterman which arrived in 2017, has been announced in conjunction with the news of new tour dates: “Orlando Weeks is proud to present a run of very intimate performances in the UK this September to mark the start of a new project,” he announced via the social media channels of his old band.

On top of that, Weeks confirmed more details about his impending solo release, stating that: “Weeks will be performing new solo material, which will be released as an album next year,” in a post on his website.

“The album I’ve been working on for the last eighteen months is very nearly done. For me, holding my nerve has been a large part of finishing a record, and there’s a certain confidence that comes from discovering a song can survive in a room full of strangers,” Weeks explained.

He added: “The flip side of that is that you unearth problems you wish had stayed buried. There’s every chance it won’t work, but that’s the gamble.”

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