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The Lucid Dream - Unchained Dub

The Lucid Dream are a psychedelic powerhouse who may have criminally slipped under the radar for many first time around, but they are back with a brand new self-titled follow-up album.

What’s more, it’s dip of the toe into reggae, ‘Unchained Dub’, is our Track of the Day this fine Wedenesday.

This particular cut is a chilled-out, slacker piece of reverb-kissed rock ‘n’ roll, bringing a whole new refreshing dimension to the current psych boom.

The record has tinges of common psych staples like The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Jesus and Mary Chain. But it also has an edge that is far more sonically expansive, taking in everything from Hawkwind to The Verve – and in this case dub stalwarts like Mad Professor and Prince Fatty. Quite a melting pot we hope you’ll agree!

The record as a whole also demonstrates a versatility that is often all to scarce amid the current glut of one-chord wonders. The Lucid Dream dip their toes into feature length noise-rock on opener ‘Mona Lisa’ and prove they are able to harness far more concise punk structures on ‘Moonstruck’.

But for a standout that brings down the tempo and transports us to a whole other genre , ‘Unchained Dub’ is our latest pick from The Lucid Dream.

Listen to ‘Unchained Dub’ below and get the album now via Holy Are You Recordings.

Patrick Davies