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The Long Blondes release new song for Kate Jackson art installation

Sheffield indie-pop outfit The Long Blondes, who broke up in 2008 after only two years of activity, have a new song that features ex-lead singer Kate Jackson’s new art installation at the LCB Depot in Leicester.

The installation is called ‘Built For Sound’ and features a repeat loop of the new Long Blondes track. The track was recorded by Paul Mazzitelli at R10 Leicester and is the group’s first new work since they broke up back in 2008 after guitarist Dorian Cox suffered a severe stroke.

Speaking about the project, Jackson said: “I first had the idea for Built For Sound during the second lockdown. We spent a lot of time at home watching old reruns of Top of The Pops and I became fascinated with the architectural stage sets and neon lights built slightly differently for each episode.”

Adding: “I kept thinking about the stage without performers and how abstract these sets would seem, like works of art in themselves. At the time there were of course no live performances happening anywhere and I had a lot of friends (musicians, crew, agents and promoters) who were out of work and struggling because of the pandemic,” 

“As we didn’t know when live performance would return, this is a space built in a gallery for filmed performance rather than live performances. The set design references those old Top of The Pops sets but which in today’s context feels slightly haunted too.”

Jackson’s ‘Built For Sound’ project aims to “highlight the absence of performance, while still recreating the atmosphere and excitement of the stage … the project also aims to provide a space for filmed live music performances, a hands-on synthesiser workshop, and disco events for babies/toddlers and people with learning disabilities.”

The installation will run until January 28th, 2022. For more information, the website can be visited here.